Our Approach

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Self-Help Group Solidarity Networks

DESPRI supports bottom-up participative planning and organization of self-sufficient microcredit and empowerment women’s solidarity networks using the Self-Help Groups (SHG) methodology developed by KNH.  Over the course of 6 years a total of 3,000 women members of 150 SHGs in the upper Artibonite have formed 12 associations and are managing more than 280,000 USD in self-generated loans. 


Women Entrepreneurs

The next step after creating a strong and sustainable SHG base is building the capacities of women entrepreneurs, through the Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers (EIC) which are key to DESPRI’s hub and spoke model. The EIC is the incubation and capacity building hub, and the SHG structures are the spokes reaching into the most vulnerable and isolated rural communities.  The hub seeks to identify potential women entrepreneurs and change agents, and invest in their capacities to establish and sustain businesses through rational utilization of local resources.  The EIC provides training, accompaniment, consultation, microcredit access, and network opportunities.  These hubs communicate regularly with the spokes through a bottom up representational structure which allows constant exchange of knowledge and support capable of impacting transformation in the most isolated rural areas.


Iodized Salt Production

We believe that the development of productive value chains is key to providing sustainable solutions to Haiti’s challenges and needs. DESPRI has developed an expertise and specialization in the salt value chain, in particular the introduction of modernized methods of salt production and distribution.  ESPRI-Sel (Entreprenariat Social Production Rural Intègre – Sel) is a social entrepreneurship model of salt production offering optimized harvesting yields, allowing Haiti to meet its need for iodized salt and thus eliminate the prevalent Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) plaguing the country. 


Productive Value Chains - Moringa

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